SL-500 ( SL55) R129

SL-500 RED NAP  1 of 10 only  - As Red Nap performance tuners proceeded with special edition SL 500. The below changes has been made to the car 

-5.4 AMG Engine and Gearbox 

-Custom tuned ECU System

-X Pipe Exhaust system 

-EBD Ceramic Brake pads 

The car runs 379 HP and is lighter by around 80 kg from the normal SL-55 


450 SEL ( 5.5k) W116

Coming soon to Red nap Editions is 1974 Retro Classic car - All specs will be announced soon with cars running more than 500 HP 

Image by Ambitious Creative Co.  - Rick

E400 - ( E60 ) w124

Based on the E400 / W124 Chasis where it also has been sent to Porsche for modificatiMoster M119 V8 engine with 6.0 liters engine a custom ECU and Custom Exhaust system rated @ 400 HP.

Adding the wide body of the E500 gave it the aggressive look and reliable car.

we have 10 cars only made from this concept 


s500 RedNAp w211

Coming Soon